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Our Story

Haswell Dry Gin 47% Alc

The start of a wonderful journey….

I started my Dry Gin venture at Vin Expo 2011 Exhibition in Bordeaux. With a small stand and not knowing how anyone would react to my enthusiasm for my new Haswell Dry Gin I was delighted it was received with a very positive response. Since that time Haswell Dry Gin remains an export favourite in Europe.

Hastings1066 Dry Gin 40% Alc

Having relocated my home to Hastings in 2016 I decided to produce a new botanical recipe for what is now Hastings 1066 Dry Gin in our iconic blue bottle. This was launched in February 2019. The profile is well balanced with a classic dry juniper and citrus notes of orange, lemon and then gooseberry playing a key part. We distil our gin locally in Hastings in our Arnold Holstein 150 litre pot still, named “Archie” after my Grandfather who also lived in Hastings. Hastings 1066 Gin is best served with a slice of orange and a sprig of rosemary.

Hastings Strawberry Gin 40% Alc

Introduced in 2020 in a clear glass bottle in the same design as our blue, it has become an additional favourite to our Hastings 1066 Dry Gin. It mixes very well with cucumber tonic and sliced strawberries.

Hastings Smugglers Dry Gin 47% Alc

Smugglers is also in our clear glass design bottle. A quintessentially Dry Gin, it favours a person who likes a stronger nose and taste from gin. At 47% alcohol this truly brings out the flavours of the botanicals. Best with a good standard tonic, plus a slice of lime.

All our Gin is distilled in house using our Arnold Holstein still pot.
All our Gin is distilled in house using our Arnold Holstein still pot.